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Give your developers the Perl training they need

Interactive Perl training, online and on the job

Perl developers are hard to get. As the leading language of the dotcom boom, Perl is one of the best-paid languages worldwide, yet Perl training seldom features on university curricula. But that doesn’t have to cause a headache for employers trying to expand their Perl team. Geekuni can give software developers with no previous Perl experience the training they need, as they need it. So, whether you’re looking to provide new recruits with online Perl training from day one of the onboarding process or upskill existing talent, Geekuni has the training package to empower your staff with Perl.

With Geekuni you’ll get:

  • 24-7 Perl training on demand
    • Online Perl training accessible at work, from home or on the go
    • Instant feedback from the tutor-bot ensures new staff can work independently, at their own pace, from day one of onboarding
  • Perl coaching and support
    • Personal mentor ensures a more interactive Perl training experience and provides code review and feedback
  • Quantified learning outcomes
    • Perl quizzes to help staff identify any gaps in understanding
    • Progress report updated hourly so you’re the first to know which trainees need help
  • Trainee motivation