Perl training

Instant automated feedback
with a mentor on-call.

Project Based

Focus on the goal to
achieve, learn from
the problems to solve.

learn perl quickly

A real-world

Acquire real-world skills,
in a real-world
development environment.

interactive perl tutorials

for onboarding

expand your Perl team

Turn new hires into Perl developers. Fast.

for cross-training

spread Perl skills across roles

Empower Sysadmins, QA and Data Science with independence of the Backend.

for individuals

get skills and qualifications

Become fluent in Perl, and have proof that you are.

Learning Outcomes

Project: Search Engine

Your project is to develop a command-line script which takes information about a location - like the town name or coordinates - and finds the nearest airports.

Project: Online Game

You develop a game where you enter an art gallery with your partner at hand, and a thousand dollars in your pocket. Will you trade your way to fortune or leave empty handed?

Tutor-bot and Mentor

On completion of each course the tutor-bot will give you an EoC at no extra cost. You can then package your project and get certification through your mentor's formal assessment of your DCS.

Welcome to Geekuni

perl tutor

Conceptually, programming is simple. Learning to code is hard. Geekuni provides the following foundations to accelerate the learning process:

  • Focus on the problem to solve, rather than facts to memorise
  • Focus on a well defined skill for each problem solved
  • Get immediate feedback so you aren't held up by minor bugs
  • Get the support of your mentor and the student community

Through years of training in academia I found what the real blockers are in learning a new programming language. I also learnt that with the right approach and support each step of the way you can avoid those blockers. Placing this knowledge in the context of online learning, Geekuni helps you acquire real-world coding skills - quickly!

Founder and Mentor, Andrew Solomon


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