Learn the Dancer Perl web framework by developing an online game
  • Use the Model-View-Controller design pattern
  • Generate HTML on the fly with Template Toolkit
  • Track user activity with cookies and sessions
  • Control access with redirect, forward and hooks
  • Use object oriented Perl modules
  • Have a taster of jQuery, Bootstrap and Isotope

Dancer is closely aligned with modern web development concepts enabling you to quickly implement easily maintainable web sites and web services.

route handlers; static vs dynamic content; GET/POST parameters; 'any' route handlers;
Model-View-Controller; templates, their data and control structures; stylesheets and layout; Bootstrap
forwarding; login and logout; before hooks; DSL modification; single request variables
security; tokenized routing; favicon; wildcard route matching; forward vs redirect; error route handlers
unit tests; configuration; jQuery taster; Isotope taster