Become a

Focus on the goal to
achieve, and the
problems to solve.

... through

As you solve a problem,
you acquire knowledge
and refine a skill.

...with plenty
of feedback.

Instant feedback and help
from your mentor means
you'll never get stuck for long!

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Learn to code.

Modern Perl

The courses take you all the way from writing a simple 'Hello World' script through to developing a search engine and a dynamic web site.

Learn it fast.

Intelligent learning support

Automated feedback to accelerate your learning, depth of understanding through communty exchange and mentoring.

Get qualifications.

Certificate of completion

Each course provides a certificate of completion, clearly defining the skills attained with a good job fit.

Learning Outcomes

Airport Search Engine

Your project is to develop a command-line script which takes information about a location - like the town name or coordinates - and finds the nearest airports.

Perl Essentials

By performing many small tasks you will have developed a comprehensive skill set for using Perl's data types and code structures. Taking a user specification to develop the airport search engine demonstrates high-level coding competence.

Online Game

You develop a game where you enter an art gallery with your partner at hand, and a thousand dollars in your pocket. Will you trade your way to fortune or leave empty handed?

Dancer Web Development

Implementing this website you learn the Model-View-Controller design pattern using Perl's Dancer2 framework. Through solving small problems, you also get a taster of related technologies including Template Toolkit, object oriented Perl modules, jQuery, Bootstrap and Isotope.

Welcome to Geekuni

Learning a new programming language is easy. Learning to formulate a problem in the framework of that language is hard. Geekuni accelerates your development of this ability by providing these foundations:

  • You can focus on the problem to solve, rather than facts to memorise
  • By solving this problem you acquire a new skill
  • You get immediate feedback so you aren't held up by minor bugs
  • You have the support of a mentor and the student community

I developed this teaching methodology during my career in academia. Geekuni provides this to you for acquiring real-world coding skills - quickly!

Founder and Mentor, Andrew Solomon